SVG files

I make files for personal use only. I get the images off of the web (mostly, some are from pictures instead but very few) - I don't feel like they are not mine, but belong to Disney since the images are (usually) Disney images.

Will people be selling these on Ebay and Esty - I'll hope not but come to point that what others do is their business and I"m not their mother or their preacher so I'm not going to worry about what they do. Is that saying go and do it - NO, that isn't personal use - you want to make up several for a swap, that is wonderful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2013 Animal Kingdom


got in a swap

that one was Sherechan - one of the ones I tried to do the trace bitmap and then joined pieces together (really need to redo completely since I'm not happy with him)
Raja is someone elses and I can't remember whos

the bone frame (could be cute on a puppy page)

got in a swap

the people were a font that I found for free
got these in a swap